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  • The home of the future The home of the future

    The home of the future


    On 12 February 2013 the opening of the refurbished building of the halls of residence of St Petersburg academic university — research and education centre of nanotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences — took place. The representatives of the university have turned to RENOVA fund for support in 2011, as, unfortunately, providing comfortable conditions for people whose ideas and research secure the country’s future today is an issue which needs consideration. It is for these people that the RENOVA Charity Fund has allotted a special grant — 3 mln dollars.

  • Museum of future Museum of future

    Museum of future


    In January 2013 Polytechnical Museum will be closed for massive reconstruction, but despite this fact, with help of CF RENOVA it will be able to continue its activity in other spaces. The main exposition, according to the plan of development will be temporarily based on the territory of the All-Russian exhibition centre. Here Russian science and technology will be presented from the point of view of their significance for the world culture, which will help to fully appreciate the depth of Russian thought, to determine the spheres of interests of Russian scientists. The famous lecture-hall of the Polytechnical museum has also found new location — now it is situated in the ZIL cultural centre.

  • Edge of Russian soil Edge of Russian soil

    Edge of Russian soil


    On 19 June 2012 fourth scientific expedition of the Russian geographic society “Alyaska-2012” kicked off, it was supported by RENOVA Charity Fund. As a result of this trip to the shores of America work on research of inner regions of Alaska, revealed to the civilized world by Russian XIXth century pathfinders, has been completed. And the main result was the film “Alaska: notes from the New World”, which shows complicated interweaving of diaries and destinies of the two expeditions of XIXth and XXI centuries.

  • Science & Technology Science & Technology

    Science & Technology


    In 2013 RENOVA Charity Fund will finance 5 applications from participants of the Skolkovo project for getting grants in the amount of 2.5 mln rubles. Each of these grants is allotted for co-financing projects on conducting scientific research. All five applications — are the latest research which can be used not only in various spheres of science but also in everyday life.