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12 February 2013 All projects

The home of the future

On 12 February 2013 the opening of the refurbished building of the halls of residence of St Petersburg academic university — research and education centre of nanotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences — took place. The representatives of the university have turned to RENOVA fund for support in 2011, as, unfortunately, providing comfortable conditions for people whose ideas and research secure the country’s future today is an issue which needs consideration. It is for these people that the RENOVA Charity Fund has allotted a special grant — 3 mln dollars.

In the course of the renovation of the building in 2011–2013 the premises have been redeveloped, windows and doors have been replaced, outer walls have been warmed and domestic utilities have been altered. Thus, young scientists got a a new home and a chance to do what they like without digressing due to living conditions.

On the day of the opening of the refurbished building, the head of the University, Nobel prize laureate Zhores Alferov has pointed out that the Fund’s sponsorship aid is, unfortunately, a rare phenomenon today. In Europe, for example, many universities regularly get aid from the big companies, but in Russia such grants are rather an exception, despite the fact that many companies can afford sponsorship activity.

In his turn, RENOVA Group of companies Chairman Viktor Vekselberg has said: “Before providing any charity aid, we want to make sure that this money is for the good, used for the purpose and for achieving the result. I think that it is Zhores Alferov’s enthusiasm, which enables the University achieve such great results. And our humble contribution to this process is very important for us. We are very proud”.