25 September 2014 All news

Renova Announces Winners of its Literary Contest

(NEW YORK, September 23, 2014) The Renova Fort Ross Foundation announced the winners of its first international literary contest dedicated to Fort Ross. Anna Antipina from Russia and Elena Zinchenko from Ukraine shared in winning the first prize and will have a chance to visit Fort Ross in 2015. Among the breadth of literary works submitted – 71 in total - by contestants of vast geography, ages and genre, the selected stories will become a storyline of a future Fort Ross book for children. The contest was held for children and adults of all ages interested in sharing their stories of Fort Ross and in becoming a part of Fort Ross incredible legacy.

“It was a fantastic experience to receive and to be able to read all the variety of works,” said Olga Miller, director of the Renova Fort Ross Foundation. “Nearly every story was intriguing, captivating and provided an interesting point of reference for Fort Ross. I’ve been impressed by the level of creativity and people’s motivation, and positively surprised to learn that so many people know about this remote landmark of Russian heritage in California. Getting such an influx of contest entries inspired us further to continue our own work!”

Located 80 miles north of San Francisco, Fort Ross was founded on Californian soil in 1812 by the Russian-American Company. It was a peaceful collaborative place where innovation and respect for the land were highly valued. Fort Ross saw the introduction of shipbuilding and windmill expertise, scientific and nature studies, diverse agricultural cultivation and the beginning of the conservation movement in California. In 1962, Fort Ross became a National Historic Landmark. Today it is both an enduring reminder of the Russian legacy in early California and a historic site that encourages U.S.-Russia cooperation.

The Renova Fort Ross Foundation, chaired by Victor Vekselberg, meets the immediate needs of and fosters long-term solutions for California’s Fort Ross State Historic Park. The Foundation has underwritten significant programs, funded restoration and infrastructure projects, and financed related initiatives, to include logistic and administrative support.

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