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21 September 2012 All projects

Double jubilee

In 2012 The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts marked 100th anniversary. During this century it has turned into one of the best museums of the world, where even copies of great artworks are unique — wars of the 20th century have destroyed originals, but here, just like in old times, one can admire rare statues and antique frescos.

Jubilee is always the time for evaluating what has been done and conceiving new plans and projects which are to be realized. Taking into consideration world tendencies in museums development, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is planning to create a big museum complex which will reveal its collections for visitors to the maximum. The permanent exhibition and temporary displays will be the main attractions for the general public in this museum area. Big plans, expansion of the sphere of activities, all of this can hardly be imagined without the main person in the Pushkin museum — its director, Irina Antonov, who also marked her anniversary in 2012. At 90 years old (67 of which are connected with the museum), she amazes the public with her work, will and activeness. Members of the Trustee Board of the museum, which also includes RENOVA Charity Fund, have mentioned that Antonova’s plans have always found support and opportunities for realization. A lot of work is ahead — the conception of the museum’s development till 2018 has been confirmed, the most interesting exhibitions from around the world are to be displayed in the museum, and the queue of visitors to the The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts does not seem to become smaller. It all means that there is the only way now is forward — to new heights, new horizons, new jubilees.