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Благодарность танцевального коллектива «Su Nu Nu Shinal» – потомков индейцев племени «Кашая»

Мы рады представить вам благодарственное письмо танцевального коллектива «Su Nu Nu Shinal», которые принимали участие в открытии выставки «Индейцы в XXI веке. ФОРТ-РОСС: ЛЮДИ ОДНОЙ ЗЕМЛИ, ТОГДА И СЕЙЧАС».

Танцевальный коллектив передает сердечную благодарность коллективу ГК «Ренова» за возможность развития культурного диалога.

Dear Renova Group,

We would like to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt thank you for the recent funding of our trip to Russia. Words cannot describe the experience that we shared with Russia and her people and the importance that it played in both of our cultures. It was a great honor for us to represent our Kashaya Pomo and Coast Miwok tribes and bring our culture to the Russian people. In these times of political tension, trips of this nature are so important to show us that politics are politics, but they do not necessarily represent the heart and soul of the country’s people. Our children are the world’s future and if trips like this can educate and bring a level of understanding and respect amongst two very different cultures, then it opens the possibilities that together they will accomplish great deeds in the future. At a time when the Americas were a place of great civil unrest, the Russian and Kashaya / Miwok peoples came together in 1812 and showed the world that we can live in peace and harmony with one another. This is a story that needs to be told and not forgotten. We are proud to be a part of it.

Thank You,
Su Nu Nu  Shinal (Kashaya)

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